IKEA Gift Card


IKEA Gift Card

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IKEA Gift Card

If you are lokinf for a best flexible Gift, you need to evaluate 🎁 IKEA Gift Card.

You can use your gift card when shopping at an IKEA store, online on IKEA.com or through the IKEA App.

You can also use an IKEA gift card to pay towards our interior design advice and home interior design service to help someone renew and refresh their home.

There are no limitations on how many times a card(s) can be used (until the balance is £0.00).

IKEA Gift Card

Digital gift cards

  • can be used in an IKEA store and online
  • are delivered instantly for free via email
  • are easy and safe to use

To check the balance of any Gift or Refund card(s), visit or call any IKEA store.

IKEA Voucher and Prepaid Card cannot be returned or refunded, except in accordance with your legal rights. The balance cannot be converted into cash.

IKEA is unable to replace card(s) if lost or stolen.

IKEA offers home furnishing solutions for every room in the home and with over 10,000 products for you to choose from, the IKEA Gift Card is one of the easiest gifts to give, one where they choose themselves.

ikea gift card

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Department Store and MarketPlaces, Home Furniture


France, Germany, Italy, Spain

Gift Card Tipology

Virtual Gift Card


€ 100,00, € 20,00, € 25,00, € 250,00, € 50,00, € 500,00


🔝 Validity 12 months

🔝 Cumulable

🔝 Fractionable

🔝 Multipurpose


🔝 Online&Offline