Q8 Gift Card


Q8 Gift Card

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Q8 Gift Card

The Q8 Ticketfuel voucher can be spent on the purchase of fuel and is redeemable at authorised Q8 service stations, including Q8easy stations.

The owner of the Q8 Ticketfuel code can refuel at Q8 stations either in SERVITO mode, (by showing the 12-digit code to the operator), or in SELF mode, by showing the 12-digit code to the operator or, if the station is not attended, by entering the 12-digit code in the external terminal after choosing “Payment codes” as the payment method.

You can find a list of participating petrol stations at the link https://www.q8.it/geolocalizzatore/storelocator

Q8 Gift Card vouchers are cumulative and fractionable and valid up to a maximum of 30 uses.

The remaining credit is visible on the receipt after each draw and there is no refund of the credit under any circumstances.

Q8 Gift Card

Kuwait Petroleum Italia,  known under the Q8 brand, was founded in 1984 and is the most important subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum International.

The Q8 Gift Card welfare fits your needs: choose Q8’s Ticketfuel electronic fuel coupons for your company.

Our employee fuel coupons are customizable and simple to buy and use.

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Grocery Stores


France, Italy, Spain

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€ 10,00, € 100,00, € 15,00, € 20,00, € 25,00, € 50,00


➡️Validity 18 months